May 27, 2020

Congrats to Baruch and Sebastian for their paper on enhanced EOF over superhydrophobic surfaces being accepted to Physical Review Fluids!

The paper shows experimentally for the first time the ability to obtain enhanced electroosmotic flows over superhydrophobic surfaces...

May 27, 2020

Congrats to Baruch and Sebastian and Valeri - their paper on intermediate states of wetting now accepted to "Langmuir".

This is a fundamental paper which examines the wetting dynamics of hierarchical superhydrophobic surfaces, and shows that while the common notion was...

May 6, 2020

Congrats to Vesna and Federico for their work on the BFF accepted to Angewandte Chemie !  The third author listed is Shimon Rubin who started this concept a long time ago as a postdoc in the group.   

The paper received the designation of a Very Important...

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